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Là, tout n'est qu'ordre et beauté, Luxe, calme et volupté. Baudelaire
Chantilly, our new model : suitable for rivers, for private or business use More info
Living on water : the concept ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Not designed for sailing but to be lived in, the floating home combines the pleasure of living on water with the assets of a traditional house : large picture windows, really spacious rooms and modern equipments. Supported by a pontoon especially meant for this use, the floating house stays very still, whatever the change of water level. Whichever use you are looking for : family home, second home, office, restaurant, hotel, spa, yacht-club, utility building, tourist's accommodation, student's housing... the possibilities are endless. Houseboat, floating home, floating house, live-in ship.. .whatever you name it, the floating home plays on its duality : half-boat and half-house, stationary but movable... If water fascinates you, if you want to live close to it, if you like space, open views, nature, light...if you wish to leave a print as tiny as possible on your environment, if you are looking for an alternative to city stress, the floating house might be THE solution you have always been looking for. Living on water : our vision -------------------------------- -------------------------------- H2ORIZON aims at offering you the best of this new trend * by accompanying you through specific missions or throughout your project * by offering you private and business solutions rigorously selected. We have exclusivity agreements with some leading architect firms, with a special sensitivity to floating architecture. We are continuously developing a network of specialized builders and partners. Our aim is to choose state-of-the-art solutions in order to place us in a sustainable development approach, as an answer to specific climatic or environmental problems. Good navigation!
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